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The GOAL of SLC Tap is to promote the art of tap dance in as many ways as possible. We want to GROW tap in Salt Lake City and the state of Utah!

Tap dance reflects our American heritage and the fusion of African and European cultures through dance, rhythm, and music. Tap has a colorful history, but maintains connections with current trends. Tap dance reflects our culture, past and present.

Tap Dance is a joyful and powerful expressive force!

  • It's a source of enjoyment, an outlet for creativity, a vehicle for expression for amateurs and professionals.
  • Tap dance is significant as a contemporary dance art, and continues to develop artistically.
  • It is important to practice, preserve, develop, and promote tap dance; It's in our community's best interest!
  • The legacy and wonder of this art form needs to be transferred to succeeding generations.
Specific Goals-
  • Increase tap's mainstream profile, become more visible
  • Produce events, collaborate with other artists
  • Teach classes and workshops
  • Choreograph for community dance groups
  • Create a supportive community and build a secure future for tap in Salt Lake City