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SLC Tap In the News ...

City Weekly - Footwork: An Evening of Tap Dance
Click Up Your Heels: SLC Tap’s Deborah Robertson brings a classic dance style out of the shadows.

"Salt Lake City nightclub. Like many nightclubs, it’s dark and deserted midweek. But once inside the door, you find complete chaos, a clamoring from above that thunders down a narrow staircase. Reaching the top landing, the disorienting racket smacks you square in the face as a group of … tap dancers? … attempting a new rhythmic sequence displayed by their fearless leader..." Read More

Ogden Standard Examiner: Modern Rhythmic Dancers Sparking Tap Revival

"No one is certain exactly where or how tap began,but it is uniquely American art form. What is known about the style is that it started sometime in the 1800s in America, and has its..." Read More

13% SALT  Debby Robertson "Feet on Fire"

"Robertson, the Utah representative for the International Tap Association, directs SLC Tap, a pick-up group of performers who come together for various performances and projects. Robertson, who came to Utah by way of New York City several years ago, says that Salt Lake City needs a boom in tap dance, and she envisions a youth performance ensemble..." Read More

Salt Lake Tribune - Sugar Space goes west, opens multi-use space in Salt Lake's River District

"This isn't Reese's first crack at a hybrid career. In 2007, she opened Sugar Space, an interdisciplinary arts studio in an obscure strip mall behind the old Granite Furniture building in Sugar House. There she hosted multidisciplinary arts programs, performances, artist residencies..." Read More